life's a journey; Learn to swim.

Whether you're interested in conquering your fears of the water, learning the basics of swimming, strengthening techniques, training for a triathlon, iron man, or a long distance open water swim. we’re here for you.

Private swim lessons are offered in 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions, according to your schedule. 

rates quoted are for 30 minute lessons:

  • 1 Private Lesson: YMCA Members: $80 | Non-members: $110

  • 5  Private Lessons: YMCA Members: $325 | Non-members: $475

  • 10 Private Lessons: YMCA Members: $550 | Non-members: $850


*advertised Prices may change without prior notice.

**swim lesson packages may vary, according to pool location.


  • High quality filming of your stroke from above and below the water.

  • Full analysis of your stroke that you can watch on your mobile device or on your desktop.

  • A comprehensive video analysis focusing on your individual weaknesses and the causes of your stroke issues.

  • If taking private swim lessons with Paul and you schedule a video analysis, an effective training plan will be designed and tailored to your individual needs.

explore and challenge your limits with Open water swim lessons!


Whether you want to become a stronger swimmer, more competitive triathlete or just become more comfortable in the open water, this program is for you.

Skills that will be demonstrated include:

  • Swim start strategy

  • Swimming with a crowd

  • Sighting techniques

  • Navigation

  • Breathing techniques

  • Drafting techniques

  • Swimming around buoys effectively

  • Swim exits

  • Distance training

  • and more...


** Adults only and must be 18 years old.

**Each clinic is limited to 7 participants. 

** Wetsuit is optional.

**No Refunds- Make ups will be made if clinics are cancelled due to weather.

**Open water swim clinics are NOT for beginner swimmers.

Where: TBD

Level: Intermediate / Advanced Swimmers Only

Requirements: Swimmers must be able to complete a minimum non-stop 250 yards swim.