life's a journey. Learn to swim and open corridors to an entirely new view of our big blue.

Paul Hunt Swim is devoted to swimmers of all levels and backgrounds. Swimming is more than just a sport to us; it's an art form and a lifestyle. Whether you're a surfer, triathlete, competitive swimmer, fitness buff or someone who just loves the water, we have something for you. 

We're committed to giving back to the community and supporting environmental causes. A portion of the proceeds from  "Sea Creatures" T-shirt line will go to nonprofits, working to save our oceans. 

We're passionate about swimming and look forward to connecting with others who are of like mind. 

Private lessons are offered in 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions, according to your schedule. 

Swimming should be fun! Feel free to invite friends or family members to join you for a semi-private lesson.  

Rates for 1/2 hour session (Price per person): 


  •  1 Private Lesson: YMCA Members: $79 | Non-members: $100
  • 8  Private Lessons: YMCA Members: $360 | Non-members: $487
  • 12 Private Lessons: YMCA Members: $466 | Non-members: $630


  • High quality filming of your stroke from above and below the water.
  • Full analysis of your stroke that you can watch on your mobile device or on your desktop.
  • A comprehensive video analysis focusing on your individual weaknesses and the causes of your stroke issues.
  • An effective training plan will be designed, tailored to your individual needs.

JOIN mavericks FOR OUR NEXT SWIM: see you at the pool on WEDNESDAY JUly 18, 2018 AT 8:00PM


Whether you want to become a stronger swimmer, more competitive triathlete or just become more comfortable in the open water, this program is for you.

Skills that will be demonstrated include:

  • Swim start strategy
  • Swimming with a crowd
  • Sighting techniques
  • Navigation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Drafting techniques
  • Swimming around buoys effectively
  • Swim exits
  • Distance training
  • and more...


** Adults only and must be 18 years old.

**Each clinic is limited to 7 participants. 

** Wetsuit is optional.

**No Refunds- Make ups will be made if clinics are cancelled due to weather.

**Open water swim clinics are NOT for beginner swimmers.

Where: TBD

Level: Intermediate / Advanced Swimmers Only

Requirements: Swimmers must be able to complete a minimum non-stop 250 yards swim.