I took private swim lessons with Paul last year.  Paul is a patient and generous teacher and a genuinely nice person. For our first session, Paul took videos of me swimming. He used it to set goals, to improve my freestyle stroke. Through a series of drills and demonstrations, I improved my swimming by focusing on objectives that were clear and focused.  He taught me how to breathe, how to extend my arms, how to kick among many other things and followed this up with specific videos.  Now I am a better swimmer and much more confident and at ease with my swimming.  

Paul is always bringing together groups of swimmers and creating communities of swimmers in a very positive way.  I have talked to many of Paul's different types of students; young and old, beginners and advanced and everyone thinks highly of him.  He has a sense of timing with teaching, that allows students to take the time to develop a feel for the water based on their own abilities, while pushing them to strive for more.  In addition to health and fitness this develops confidence.  So, we all can continue swimming and improving long after his lessons have ended. His passion for swimming is palpable.  He is an amazing swimmer and teaches by example.  

~ Pam Cardwell