I want to take private swim lessons. What should I do now?

I want to learn how to swim. What sort of time commitment am I looking at?

I am a new swimmer. What can I expect on my first day of private swim lessons?

I arrived late for my private swim lesson. Why can’t I get my full allotted time that same day of the lesson?

Do you have a list of pools where I practice?

Do you teach kids?

How do I pay for private swim lessons?

What swim gear do I need?

I want to purchase private swim lessons as a gift for my husband, partner, wife, sister, brother, mom, dad, friend etc… What should I do?

What is the private swim lessons cancellation policy?

How long will it take me to learn to swim?

The water feels cold. What can i do?

I want to do an Iron Man but do not know how to swim what can I do?

I want to wear my comfortable non-swimming bathing suit?

I want to do a triathlon and my swimming needs a lot of work what can i do?

Can I show up early for a private swim lesson?

I borrowed my goggles from someone else, They’re brand new so why do they leak when I wear them?

Is the pool water cold? and what should I do?

I breathe all day long. Why are we taking an entire swim lesson and more, only focused on learning how to breathe?

I’m just not getting it???

I only want to learn freestyle. Why are we discussing other strokes?

I want 60 minutes private swim lessons.

I want to learn to scuba dive, can you teach me the basics to pass the swim test?


What is open water swimming?

What food should I eat for open water swimming?

Why do I need drinking water while were open water swimming?

I want to learn open water swimming but afraid of sharks.

I’m going on vacation to an Island somewhere absolutely amazing but I don’t know how to swim. What should I do?

What professional certifications and training does Paul have?

Do I need a wetsuit? If so how do I go about getting one?

Safety gear?

Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks….