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Swimmers will swim 7.5 miles across the Potomac River to raise consciousness and money for river restoration projects. The annual Potomac River Swim for the Environment is growing in popularity as a distance swim event.

The June 4 event, which takes swimmers from Hull Neck, Virginia, across the river to Point Lookout State Park in Maryland, provides a challenging distance swim for the participants while raising environmental awareness about the river as well as funds for Potomac environmental groups. Last year, swimmers collected pledges of more than $15,000 to help Potomac River groups, including the Potomac River Association, Southern Maryland Sierra Club, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (with smaller amounts to the Potomac Conservancy, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Ridge Rescue, St. Mary's River Watershed Assoc. and Friends of the Shenandoah River). A picnic hosted by the Sierra Club Southern Maryland Group provides an informal forum for discussing local natural resources issues.

Each swimmer is accompanied on the crossing by a volunteer kayaker from the Chesapeake Paddlers Association or the Association of North American Kayakers. Members of the Chesapeake Bay Boston Whalers Club volunteer their boats and time as lead, escort, and tail boats for the race, along with public safety vessels and staff provided by the U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland Natural Resources Police, Ridge Volunteer Fire Co., and the Ridge Rescue Squad. The swimmers will leave the Virginia shore, and with favorable conditions, could begin arriving at the bathing beach at Point Lookout State Park in about 3 hours or less.

Later Event: June 18